MycoDART Inc., is the developer of molecular diagnostic tests for the rapid detection of deadly infections in very vulnerable patients such as transplant, cancer, and AIDS. Our team has dozens of years experience in business management, laboratory operations, and molecular diagnostics development.

We are in the pre-launch stage for MycoDART-PCR Candida Panel. This test will identify Invasive Candidiasis infections earlier and with higher reliability than the current standard of care. As such, it will reduce mortality and cost of treatment for thousands of patients. A panel for Invasive Aspergillosis will follow.

The MycoDART Inc. strategy is to take this test to market as a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT), meaning the test will be performed in our own forthcoming accredited clinical laboratory. We have received regulatory approval from CMS to open the lab and have also been granted a proprietary CPT code for the test from the American Medical Association.

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